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Originally Posted by NH.Solar View Post
Maybe you should consider going solar and installing either a heat pump system or just simple baseboards? The payback period on the net cost of the solar system will likely only be 8 years or so ...and from that point forward you will be living for free
Mine are powered by solar, should have mentioned that. We've had the panels on our roof for about 14 months. Performance has been even better than expected; our system will be paid for in about 6 years.

To WinnisquamZ question--a good installer will handle all the permits and other paperwork for you. The guys typically do a rough estimate of expected performance and savings using GIS mapping software from their office, then they get on your roof and make a few measurements to give more precise estimate, then they do the permits and install. The owner just cuts the checks. Excellent tax refunds on this too.
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