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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
I agree a wood stove would be nice for any system as a backup. You might check the performance specs of the most recent recent models vs those of just a few years ago; there have been dramatic improvements. Ours is only two years old; the first winter had numerous record lows.

How old is yours?
I don't have one yet. I have an oil boiler and a wood stove but I'm thinking of putting one in for the AC and for those early spring and late fall days when it's just not cold enough to fire up the wood stove. If it's not below 45 degrees I don't light the wood stove because it gets too hot.
I remember New Years Eve two years ago it was -5 plus a 20mph wind in Meredith and we would have froze without the wood stove. Even with the wood stove going full bore it just got the house up to 68 degrees.
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