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Originally Posted by marinewife View Post
Well, I thank everyone for their suggestions so far- coming from a natural gas state with low bills to NH has been an eyeopener here. We had 2 different people come in to give estimates and suggestions- currently, both said it was smarter to fix the current oil system, get the parts, and see how we do.

They said the duct work that holds the AC and the oil heat wouldn't be changed, so it's more economical to get the parts and get it fixed (about 1K) than get a new system (about 8k). Getting propane would raise it over 10K.

In the event the new parts fix doesn't hold up, then we'll have to invest in a new system. Hopefully not during a winter month...

Thanks again for all of your quick responses, I will always come to the forum first for any future questions : )

Just an FYI. I got talked into spending $800 to fix my old heating system only to replace it 5 months later. If your boiler or furness is over 20 years old don't waste $1000 on it, esp coming into winter, JMO.
Your heater never breaks down when you don't need it!
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