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Default State energy audit

Call Liberty Utility and request the energy audit. Even if you are not a customer. An energy engineer will research your home and make recommendations, list energy savings, state and federal credits, recommend competent HVAC installers etc. Well worth the $100 spent!

I have natural gas (Laconia) and definitely never go back to oil or propane. I had both. The boiler was replaced with a condensing boiler, hot water tank was replace with on demand. Energy consumption cost went from $1000 a month during the coldest months down to $130 on the average compared to oil. Of course I buttoned up the house according to the audit and replace the window shades to cellular shades. All recommended by the energy audit.

I had an aunt request the energy audit on her electric heated home. She followed the advice of converting from electric baseboard/window ac to the min split system. She cut her energy cost almost 70%!

The audit should answer your questions about oil vs propane.
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