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Thank you so very much for the replies so far!

We already have a propane tank outside for the stove and the fireplace which was converted at least 20 years ago from wood to propane/gas.

We bought the home thru a realtor, the inspection was cursory and did not go into the oil equipment in the basement as thoroughly as the serviceman from Strogens did, taking things apart and looking inside as far as he could.

I spoke to a high end home builder in Wolfeboro who said 95% of their builds are currently with propane.

Coming from NJ, my entire life was in homes with natural gas, and fuel costs for summer were $30.00, winter heat maybe 120.00, so tanks and any discussion of set-ups in heating are completely foreign to me- I never pumped gas for my car until July- I should probably change my username to JerseyGirl~

I'll keep digging for info and get a couple of estimates with explanations so I can become more knowledgable on everything, but I always left this stuff to my husband- he is so busy working on the property outside that I figured I could get some help here.

While I have very few posts, since I began looking for a NH home in 2014, I have read posts on all sorts of things for the past 5 years and feel that forum goers are extremely knowledgable and helpful. Thank you again! ~wife
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