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I wonder when people have done cost comparisons if they have factored in the REQUIRED yearly service for oil systems. If you don't service oil systems, bad things happen. It is recommended to service propane yearly but I usually did not (did it about every 3 years) and never had any problems, although I probably lost a little efficiency. Plus the tank is outside, not inside. As mentioned, oil is dirtier/smellier than propane.

While I second the newest mini-splits (work down to -15 degrees), in this area you will probably need a backup system for the coldest winter nights. You would definitely want to discuss this with a professional for the systems. I know people that have the minis and LOVE them. I will definitely get them in the future but I already have an existing system that would be relegated to backup.

I also had a very nasty problem with an FORCED HOT AIR oil system called blowback. The heat exchange system broke down and leaked into the house covering EVERYTHING with soot. I had to have professionals in to clean the house. We also had to wash all linens and clothes, even stored stuff. We had to wipe off all stored food products. The soot worked its way into the tiniest cracks. It was a HUGE mess. While I think a propane forced hot air system could also have the problem, the mess, I think, would be far less. Not sure if you have air or water baseboard? I had the broken oil system replaced with propane and was very happy.
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