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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
Curious if this house was bought through a realtor.

Check if this problem was disclosed by the seller.on the sales agreement. Some compensation for the defective units may be forthcoming.

Another thing: My Dad's 1972 buried oil tank was determined to be leaking, and authorities insisted that it be replaced. It took thousand$ to dig it up! You might want to abandon oil altogether, and save yourselves another headache.
Definitely a problem leaking oil tanks but less of a problem than in the past. New tanks are so much better than in the past for longevity and I feel like I don't see new ones being buried anymore. At least when we redid ours it went from underground to in our basement.

In my opinion oil heat is tried and true, arguably the best heating source from an economical standpoint (assuming natural gas is a hard no) and you just cant really match the heat per BTU ratings. If I was OP and I had already an existing system, I would look at repairing it back together and replace some new components rather then abandon everything and completely start new.
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