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Our last move was from a home with an oil furnace to a home with propane. I do not know the cost differential, but we are very happy with propane. We expanded the use to include the stove, outside barbecue (it is great not having to refill portable propane tanks), and fireplaces (which we equipped with thermostats that start the fireplaces when the inside temperature drops to back up the main propane furnace that does not work when the power is out because it needs electricity to circulate the heated air).

The major risk with propane is reliance on the propane company to deliver the propane when the tank is low, which is the same risk with oil. We had one incident when we were traveling: the propane tank was not refilled and one of our water pipes froze and caused some damage while we were away. We filed a claim with the propane company and they covered the repair costs. Since then, the company has always filled our tank before it was at risk of running out of propane.
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