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Default Rebate?

Originally Posted by WinnisquamZ View Post
Another option may be mini spilts with heat/ac. Just had a four head system installed this past summer. Works great. Just a thought
Do these systems qualify for federal energy credits? And what about back up power? A relative built a super efficient house, but had to have electric backup heat to get a CO. She was told she'd need a 20 KW standby generator so she skipped that. When she lost power the house stayed plenty warm, but she had no generator, so no water, showers, etc. Always happy to share a shower with a damsel in distress. OK. OK. Bad phrase. Leave it alone.
My house is 1977 also, I'm the original owner, marinewife. I've replaced the furnace at least once, and each time, the efficiency improves. I have propane for the cooktop and the generator. I do not believe I own the tank, which was installed in 2004, same as the generator.
Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
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