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Default Help! any converts to propane heat from oil~

Hello again, forum goers- when it rains it pours... we recently moved into our home in Tuftonboro, built in 1977. We had Strogens come to service the oil tank and system and check things out. It had not been serviced by the previous owners for 2 years, and it turns out things are in very bad shape. The service man actually disconnected it and said we need either: a new oil system, fix the things that are wrong, or perhaps a propane system. This week it's 50 at night, so I can manage this week. However, time is of the essence here.

If anyone has experience switching over, I would appreciate any insight you have. Whatever I do will be expensive, but since this is what my husband calls 'the final home', I need to do what it takes. I know someone who switched to propane for around 8K, said its cleaner, no oil smell, and easy to use, but they're up in NY state.

ANY and all first hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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