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Open every valve you can find, and remove every little screw on drain cap (mostly at valves) that you can find. Save the caps in a place where you can find them in the spring.

Sponging out the toilet is a little yucky. Drain the back tank into the toilet then plunge out the toilet to remove most of the water. Pour RV antifreeze into the back tank, it will mix with the water in the bottom of the tank and drain into the bowl mixing with the water that is there. Don't be stingy with the antifreeze. The toilet bowl IS the trap. Make sure all the traps have antifreeze, the liquid prevents bad smelling gasses from venting up into the house.

Disconnect and drain the washing machine hoses. Run the machine through fill cycle for a minute while switching from hot to cold. This will drain the water at the valve into the drum. Pour antifreeze into the drum and run the machine on the empty cycle. This will protect the water left in the machine and pump, and it will pump antifreeze into the trap.

Pour antifreeze into the dish washer and run on empty cycle.

Pour antifreeze into all the sinks to protect the traps.

Unscrew the head from the sink spray nozzle. With the faucet open blow into the hose to push out as much water as you can.

The most important thing is to TURN OFF THE WATER HEATER BEFORE YOU EMPTY IT! If it is gas turn the control to OFF. If it's electric turn off the breaker and put a piece of tape over it so you will not turn it on by mistake in the spring. The heating elements will burn out in seconds if they are not in water. In the spring fill it before you turn it on.

You didn't say if your fridge has an ice maker. If it does drain the lines the best you can. Unplug the fridge and leave the doors open all winter.

Place any liquids that might freeze in the tub or shower. Things like shampoo, windex, etc. Most of them will be OK but if even one leaks it can make a mess.

If you have a pump look for any drain plugs or drain valves, drain the tank.
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