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Originally Posted by ghoti
We don't have a dishwasher or washing machine in our cottage so can't help you with that.
BBS - Yes, you have the right idea concerning your dishwasher and washing machine. Each of them has a pump that usually retains some water in it, so you should pour non-toxic RV antifreeze (maybe 2-3 cups) into the tub and then activate the machine's cycle that pumps the water out. That will draw the antifreeze into the pump and then any liquid retained in the pump over the winter will be antifreeze, or a mix of antifreeze and some water. As the others said, it is important to pour some antifreeze into each sink, shower, bathtub, toilet, etc. trap you have in the house to protect against freezing and also to prevent foul-smelling fumes from coming up the pipes into the house.

Also, ghoti is right about remembering to turn off the electricity (or gas) to your hot water heater before draining it!
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