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1) Here's what I do. Turn off the water supply outside. The type of valve I have allows the water in the supply line to the house to drain back thru the valve. Open one or two of the cold water faucets to allow air to enter the system as the water drains back out. Then I turn off the electric power to the heater (or gas if that's what you have), and open one or two of the hot water faucets so that air can enter the lines and the tank as the water drains. Then I open the drain on the tank and let it drain completely.

2) As far as RV antifreeze goes, I put a cup or two in all the drains - sinks, shower, tub; flush the toilet, sponge out the tank completely and sponge excess water out of the toilet bowl. But leave enough water to cover the trap so that you don't get sewer gases coming back thru. Then put enough antifreeze with the remaining water in the bowl so that it's about a 50/50 mix. The water may get a little slushy in winter, but it won't freeze. Put a few cups in the tank to keep the flapper and other parts from freezing and sticking together. Also, if you have a sprayer attached to the kitchen sink, don't forget to take the spray nozzle off and let the water drain. I usually try to put a little antifreeze in the hose too but you'll need a very small funnel or lots of patience for that.

We don't have a dishwasher or washing machine in our cottage so can't help you with that.

This has worked for me for about 15 years, and we've never had any damage yet.

Good luck.
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