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Question Cottage closing

We've decided to close the cottage for the winter and I have a couple of questions about the water supply.

1. I plan to close the water shutoff valve outside the cottage. The hot water heater is in the lowest corner of the crawl space so I assume that if I drain the tank from the valve at the bottom that it will also drain all of the pipes. Is this true? Should I open all of the taps when I do this?

2. I'll put R/V antifreeze in all of the traps. But what about the dishwasher and washing machine? Do I pour the antifreeze in and then use the "drain" cycle to get it into the trap? What about the toilet? I know that it needs to be flushed to drain the tank and then the bowl should be sponged out... but isn't there a trap in there too? Do I need to flush anitifreeze in to make sure that it gets into the trap?

Thanks for any suggestions; I'd rather not have to deal with broken plumbing next spring.
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