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Originally Posted by BBS
I like the suggestion to use a compressor to ensure that the lines are clear of standing water.
If your cleared lines are all straight, with no curves, the pipes will not fracture from ice pressure. Water pooling in the bottom of a curved pipe will freeze first at both ends, increasing the outward pressure on the pipe as it freezes towards the middle. (Resulting in a crack -- and a leak).

I take a couple of extra minutes for steps not mentioned here previously.

1) In the toilet's water tank, I drape a rag under the float ball which "wicks-away" all the antifreeze/water solution downward into the bowl.

2) Over the RV antifreeze in the bowl, floats a thin sheet of plastic to guard against evaporation. (I haven't missed a summer season for 12 years, but you never know).

3) At the "fully-drained" hot water tank, I attach a short length of garden hose, and reverse-fill the bottom of the tank with RV antifreeze. (You can hear it gurgling into the pool of water that remains after draining).

So far, so good.

Yankee note: My previous local "winterizing guy" preferred "used" automobile antifreeze.
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