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Default One more thing.

Regarding toilets, after draining the bowl and tank (like someone else I use a plunger-style bailer -- works great) I suggest you fill the bowl by pouring the RV antifreeze through the pipe in the tank that feeds water into the rim of the toilet bow. That way, any trapped water around the rim gets flushed through and into the bowl. Be wary about diluting that RV antifreeze much. It's not designed to be diluted. At $2.50 a gallon at Wally World (and environmentally safe too!), I'd be very generous when filling traps.

I'd also strongly urge using a compressor to ensure that you blow the water out of all the low points. Easy to set up a connector that will connect to an outside spigot and after you've gravity drained everything as much as possible, put 35 PSI into the system and open valves one by one to ensure they're blown clear. You'll need to shut off the toilet valves during this process too to maintain pressure in the system. Remember to turn on the washer (hot and cold water) and start the dishwasher too to blow out the inlet valves (all before adding antifreeze and cycling that through to winterize the outflow pumps). Just remember to run the dishwasher and the washing machine once in the spring before loading it to clear the antifreeze.
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