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Originally Posted by paintitredinHC View Post
I hear you Dante- I have a similar complaint.

The past few years at the Village Kitchen I've seen [a loud and impassioned noise or disturbance] in Tag Heuer watches. These types of watches are a little more expensive for their size. They are made to tell accurate time for the for humans, and horses.

These watches are causing blinding glares from across the room, and over the past 4th or July week, we needed to put my sunglasses on several times. These watches shouldn't be used for telling time in this restaurant.

The restaurant is good for eating, but it(?) is destroying my vision and forcing me to shift my seating position.

Having other watches like Casioo [sic], Swatch, Fossil, and the really functional ones with calculators attached are good for the use of accessorizing, and looking good [and] would be better for this restaurant.

The VK is very thin and the Tag Heuer glare have no end before hitting me in the eyes. Restaurants that are probably having the same problem are Lavinia's, and Pat's Pizza. Other places include tables and chairs.

If you didn't know what a Tag Heuer is, here is a picture
What does a watch have to do with wakesetter boats?
Getting ready for winter!
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