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Red face So I Wouldn't Offend My Neighbor, I Let It Grow and Grow...

Since my skin is allergic to just about everything, I had to see what bittersweet looks like.

Sure enough, we've got it close by and Dr. Bovaird isn't here to save me (this time).

In March, a Florida property next door sold, so I spent a day pulling that neighbor's invasive Philodendron off my fence, driveway, across massive oak trees and all over a 24-foot shed. It was so extensive, I had to hire a helper, who was unaffected.

The next day, I developed a rash over most of my right side. I was going to a Dermatologist the next day anyway. The Physicians Assistant was intrigued that the rash didn't itch and that it didn't particularly bother me.

$250 later, application of Clobetasol Propionate cleared it up over 10 days time. I don't know why such a powerful treatment was necessary, but the PA initially suspected a return of shingles .

I'm writing all this, as people can be allergic to 'most anything, and Philodendron is an ordinary houseplant (that can grow much larger outdoors)
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