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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
I remember when the town used to spray with a helicopter. Everybody was told to cover their cars to protect the paint.

I have a quarterly pest control service. They check for mice and other rodents, ants, etc. and clean and re-bait traps. Spraying is limited to a hand sprayer around the foundation and eaves or other locations if hornets are present. As a separate service, they do tick control around the yard perimeter. Again, hand spray, and/or granular, so there should be no overflow to neighbors.
At camp, we can't spray because we're too close to the water. Some years we have a lot of mosquitoes, other years, none. Same with flies that bite.

Talk to the neighbor and to the service company. You may just be in a cycle where there aren't many bugs. Do you still have birds? How are your butterfly garden plants doing?
Mosquitos carrying West Nile disease have been discovered in Salem, NH.
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