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Default Lake water systems

I was wondering what other people have experienced with this.

I have a good water system that pumps out of the lake all year long.

I decided to install a second, back up, seasonal system for irrigation, car washing, and to feed a second building on the property. They are plumbed so that if either fails I can just open a valve and the remaining one will feed everything.

The intake is about 40 feet from shore, about 2 feet above the lake bottom in about 6 feet of water It is a fairly busy area for boats. It seems to me that the filters get dirty and need to be changed pretty quickly. I am considering extending the intake to 60 feet out in about 10 -12 feet of water. Still 2 feet off the bottom? Maybe.

I am curious where most people pumping from the lake put their intakes or anything they may have learned with years of experience to get the best quality water. If I can't get this a lot better I may consider a well.
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