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Question Cheaper to Bribe with "Scratch-Offs"?

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Did you know that New Hampshire has a mobile vaccination van, a Ford van with a trailer hitch and purple, blue & green vinyl designer message graphics, that travels to different NH locations ..... ...... with enough demand to visit different spots across the state that a second van will soon be hitting that NH corona-virus victory road ..... to roll out the vaccination shots .... and stop the virus.
Will the vans be traveling to Coös County—where there ain't nobody?

Will this bring out the vaccine-hesitant, or frighten them away even worse?

Or, is this due to a lack of motivation during a prolonged period of self-isolation—paid by the Feds to sit around—no available cars—or a lay-about condition one finds among pot-users (or pot-abusers).
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