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Originally Posted by SAMIAM View Post
Wondering if this is a good idea. Neighbors hired one of those services that sprays for mosquitos and ticks. They were told it was EPA approved and harmless to other life forms but we're not seeing any insects at our house now.
On the plus side we don't have hornets around the shed and decks and glad the dock spiders are gone...also no Japanese beetles.
But miss the butterflies, bees and dragonflies that land on us when we're floating on our swim rafts.
We have an occasional bumble bee and a stray butterfly now and then but it's almost spooky having no bugs around.
We have great neighbors....share everything and help each other out always but should I ask them to go easy on the spraying?
Whatever they're spraying--to affect even the neighbors--it sounds like it was mixed improperly!

We're missing bugs and birds here in Wolfeboro, but the blue dragonflies are here--aplenty. The crawlspace is absent of all bug life--even spiders.

Dock spiders apparently don't like this high water, 'haven't seen one for several weeks. They're all probably hiding in the wild blueberry bushes!
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