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The OP posted "I suspect the town needs more income to operate, hence the review "
50 years ago, Selectmen were the Board of Assessors. They still are. But 50 years ago some selectmen were accused of never re-assessing existing properties. If you built or moved into town that last purchase price was the new assessment and everybody else just kept the old number assessed value.
Over simplified, I admit, but eventually, all towns were required to reassess on a routine schedule for all properties. In the 70's and 80's, when there was a major influx from Mass, NH residences were going up in price, and so were assessments. But people weren't so worried about taxes, because the rates were still low. Claremont and sidewalks still hadn't come to NH. If you want street lights and trash collection, you gotta pay for it.
BTW, the Gilford Island Association has been operational for decades with good success in dealing with the Town. Glendale is well maintained, runs smoothly, and we just got a new fire boat. We do have some island residents who have in-town homes too, so a few can vote, even run for office.
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