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Originally Posted by sixmile View Post
Sorry to say no one has seen him. I've felt rather hopeless as the boatyard is such a huge area with so much activity, but keep looking every time I am on the mainland. Thanks for your support.
Many years ago when we were traveling from Maine to Moultonborough, we had a cat that did not travel well at all and was always throwing up in the car. We stopped at a rest area by Sebago Lake and the cat immediately got out. We looked for about an hour but the rest area was huge.
Three days later we returned and nobody thought I would ever find the cat again. I was wandering through the woods calling him and I started to hear a cat meowing. I followed the sound and he was on an island in a little bog. I had to climb out on a tree that had fallen down and when I tried to stand up my feet sank in but I grabbed the cat.
I have lost and found many cats over the years. They are very resourceful and can take care of themselves. I would not give up hope. Did you read the thread about how Steve got his cat back?
I would try to do what Steve did and get a trap and have it checked periodically.
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