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Default Ticks

I think a dead tick is good to send. Encased in tape, or in a bag.

My response from asking about whether they let us know if we send in a disease carrying tick, as well as, does the tick need to be whole, and can they be sent together at the end of the year:

We only test in bulk right now. We do get back to people if we are provided the information. One of my goals is to build an interactive map and a database so people can look up their ticks online. To answer the second question, we will take a tick that is in pieces, we will determine if we can identify tick. If we can't, we will just discard it. For your last question, yes, you can save the ticks and send in bulk. We just have to make sure the ticks are dated, provided with a location on the person or pet, and where geographically found. Some people will tape the tick to a piece of paper and write the information next to the tick.
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