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Originally Posted by mswlogo View Post
I was responding in kind to the folks heart that went pitter patter.
And Let’s Keep America great.

But no, that wasn’t the start was it?

But you wouldn’t think that was the start of anything now would you.

Nor was the crash boats picture representing Biden’s camp. No that wasn’t raising the bar now was it.

But did I stoop as low and try to match or top it. No.

Instead Trumpers blame me for escalating it.

I don’t think the person that observed the Trump flags started anything.
But the response did. But I guess you wouldn’t see it that way.
IMO, you are the one who is trying to keep this political nonsense going. Saying that 4 more years of Trump is giving you a heart attack. My final statement is that 4 years of the Trump alternative will give me a heart attack. Now.....can this please stop right now?
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