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Default What's there now at White Owl?

December 2011

Hi All,

My parents owned the White Owl for a short time, maybe 1960 or 61 to 1963, then we bought a motel in Florida and moved away. But I remember the place well. By the time we owned it I think the lakeside set of cabins had been sold off to another owner, so we ran the main block of 50 cabins and 8 or 10 motel rooms, and the recreation hall. A swimming pool had been added as well, but I don't think the restaurant was open when we bought the complex. While we were the owners the barn burned down one afternoon, but there were no horses anymore - the barn was simply used for storage and laundry. The cabins were all constructed of native pine and were small but quaint and fun.

I'm curious to know if anything still exists of the White Owl, or if the land has been developed in some other way. I can't figure out what the original address was, I was trying to look on Google maps to see if it was still there.

Anyone know?

Thanks, Karen N.
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