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Exclamation ...Plymouth Walmart suffers electricity outage 10/17/18

Walked into the Plymouth Walmart on Wednesday morning, October 17, 2018, at about 7:30am to get the usual half gallon of milk for 1.61, and to my surprise, all the refrigerated food shelves for like 100-yards going around the corner were empty or being emptied, with signs taped to the shelves announcing: "Electrical Outage, Spoiled Food, Not for Sale."

There was no milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, fresh meats, packaged meats, and many many various items..... like, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of wasted packaged food items for a huge length of refrigerated display shelves ..... about 100-yards length.....and, supposedly it all got discarded?

Looking closely at some of the packaged cheese and polish kielbasa through their plastic packaging .... it looked very good enough to eat .... as it all was quickly getting removed and carted away.

One woman employee admonished me while I was taking a closer look ..... and said ..... none of this is for sale .... it all is going into the dumpster!

Maybe it could be trucked up to that huge cow farm up north, where Rt 93 ends, about 90-minutes north, and feed it to the cows? Is a very different world up there.
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