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Originally Posted by BGB2 View Post
Massachusetts in 2008 had the lowest per capita traffic fatality rate of all the states. The first data point is the rate and the second data point is the rank. Wyoming had the highest mortality rate of the 50 states and D.C. Naturally, the use of mass transit, drive distances, speed limits, etc. would affect the statistics.

2008 Traffic Fatalities per 1000 People & State Rank
Wyoming 0.30 51
Mississippi 0.27 50
Montana 0.24 49
Arkansas 0.21 48
West Virginia 0.21 47
Alabama 0.21 46
Louisiana 0.21 45
Oklahoma 0.21 44
South Carolina 0.21 43
Kentucky 0.19 42
New Mexico 0.18 41
Maine 0.12 24
Vermont 0.12 23
New Hampshire 0.11 17
Connecticut 0.08 6
New Jersey 0.07 5
New York 0.06 4
Rhode Island 0.06 3
District of Col. 0.06 2
Massachusetts 0.06 1
USA 0.12
It is hard to have an accident that produces a fatality when you are stuck in gridlock all the time.

NH has some very twisty roads and some roads that are way to fast for the visiblity they provide.

The number I find odd is Wyoming, granted they have the lowest number of people/square mile of any state in the nation so that inflates the results. But, seriously people must be hitting animals out there, because unless you have driven through Wyoming from one end to the other, you have no idea what the middle of nowwhere really is. Some of the areas we were in, it would take the better part of your day to wait for the EMT's to come pick you up and bring you to a hospital.
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