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I'm only two days into using the new Navionics+ chart on my Garmin, but it seems to be a definate improvment over the Garmin G3 LakeVu chart!!

See the attached photo, you can see all the black-top and red-top navaids. They all seem to be there! If anyone wants to see a closer look at a certain part of the lake, let me know and I can try to post a screen shot.

I'm guessing that Garmin will phase out their G3 charts. If you look at their new chartplotter displays on their website, you will notice that the newer versions come with Navionics+ instead of their Bluechart G3 charting.

I'm further guessing that they won't update the current G3 charts to 'fix' this issue, but won't admit it to us.

I chose to purchase the Navionics+ 'U.S. & Coastal Canada - Lakes, Rivers and Coastal Marine Charts' NSUS001L (currently $199 retail). This covers the entire USA, so if I ever bring my PWC anywhere in the USA I'm covered. There is a "USA East" NSUS007R that is less expensive version (currently $149 retail) that covers part of the east coast (including our lake) if you know you will never travel south of South Carolina, this or the previous mentioned chart may be an option for you. I understand that Garmin sometimes has these on sale at different times of the year (perhaps March?).

Summary: It looks like we need to purchase the Navionics+ chart to get usable Navaids for inland waters of NH. The Garmin G3 charts in their updated form are not useful for navigation because the visual indication for red-top vs black-top navaids are missing.
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