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Originally Posted by erick26 View Post
We have been looking at properties on the lake for the past 2 years mostly in the Alton-Laconia/Gilford area due to travel time and access. It will be a second home, mostly summer use with some winter use for skiing etc. Our biggest question seems to be around view/functionality meaning we are trying to figure out if we want a quiet cove area for water sports etc that may not give us the best view "on the lake" vs being out in the open water areas and constantly being pounded by wind and boat waves. We've talked to a few people and seem to get conflicting views, some say the open areas are not that bad and others tell me their swim platforms broke off the chains. Not sure if there is a happy medium but thought I would put this out there if anyone has an opinion 😜 (I know that's a loaded question). Thanks, Eric
When we bought in Arcadia, at the end of Hanson Cove, I thought I would miss being on the open lake and that it would be a pain to get out to the bigger areas. Now that my children are kayaking and exploring the areas on their own, I appreciate the quiet.

That being said, I have friends who own in Lakeshore Park, and I am sometimes envious of the view and long, open beach they have.

I accept that this post didn't help in the least, other than to say that BOTH are wonderful places to be and that maybe there are other aspects that are more important: clean water vs. mucky, price, travel time, style and maintenance of home, taxes, etc.

Good luck!

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