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Default The Whole Truth...

Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
What if Captain Pontoon with the dock lights on is a WinFabs member? What say you?
I'm delighted he doesn't have a thousand horsepower, and can't legally go over 45-MPH on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Originally Posted by Seaplane Pilot View Post
I don't want to ask them or you for that matter. I want the factual data - then there's no question or subjectivity involved.

Just like the line from the movie Officer & a Gentlemen: "You can't handle the truth".
1) Your line is from a movie—based on fiction—where the character is caught in his own lies.

2) If anything, even experienced GFBL-Captains can't handle the "Hull Truth"—in ocean waters—from two days ago:
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