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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
I imagine most of us really aren't bothered by someone halving the 150' rule, as long as they are safe about it and do it out of necessity, not just to do it. I know I don't mind passing closer than 150 feet in tight quarters like deep into Moultonborough Bay. It's pretty clear the boaters coming the other way don't mind either as niether of us drops off plane while keeping to the far right... It's the blatent infractions of a couple of boat lengths or less when I'm at headway speed or less, or complete disregard for give-way or stand-on rules that I find worrisome.
Agreed.... there are areas of the lake where it is obvious how people are heading....say the six pack....which is wide enough if boats go to the extreme right side to pass by on plane.... now this assume only two boats one going each way, and are both going respectable speeds.

I have also scooted around bass fishermen giving them as much room as possible knowing that it wasn't exactly 150' but it was all I could spare.... I don't think they minded as I always get a friendly wave.... An acknowledgment, that they know, I have tried my best to give them as much room as possible. Kept my speed reasonable, and operated in a safe a prudent manor.
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