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DRH 06-04-2012 09:55 AM

Minge Cove Webcam is now Echo Shores Webcam
The Minge Cove Webcam will be moving this summer to a new location a short distance away from Minge Cove and toward Smalls Cove (where the West Alton sandbar is located).

Due to this relocation, the webcam now has a new name and URL:

When the webcam is physically relocated this summer it will have a different view than it has at present. It will look out directly at Sleepers and Cub Islands, and will show portion of Rattlesnake Island in the background. The new image will continue to show lake conditions between those islands and the mainland between Small's Cove and Minge Cove.

Please make a note of the new URL for this webcam.

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