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bigdog 11-19-2018 09:54 AM

Cannon Mountain
I'm planning a ski trip to Cannon Mountain this winter season.
I know as a Senior over 65, and a NH resident, I can ski Cannon mid-week for FREE ! :)

Cannon is a very large mountain, and looking for suggestions, on trails, lifts, etc. What trails are best to ski at which times of day. I've always skied tails following the sun, as it moves over the mountain. Conditions of the snow change during the day, when the sun is out. For you serious skiers, I think you know why....

Never skied Cannon before, but I consider myself an accomplished skier as having been on the National Ski Patrol for over 15 yrs., but not retired from the Org. On that note, I'm also about to retire from my job as well ! :)

Thank for your suggestions.

BroadHopper 11-19-2018 11:57 AM

Welcome to Cannon!
I am in the recycled teenager bracket. Love skiing Cannon! Best thing to do is watch the weather forecast and ski Cannon when the forecast is good. It can get brutally cold and or windy!

I have the M-F pass at Gunstock. You can find me getting ready in the Stockade Lodge between 8:15-8:45a. Your welcome to join me!

When the weather is good, you will find me at Cannon. Again your welcome to join me.

As for experience, been skiing since I started driving. Grew up on Gunstock. Later years I joined ski patrol and was a member of NSP and PSPA. I was a member of PSIA and teach at WaWachusetts. I was also a member of EICSL and participated in WMRL. Won the league championship in my age category in 2005. Particapate in evening NASTAR racing at Pats Peak.

Former owner of 'The Highview House' in Breckenridge. Summit County Colorado was my happy place. I sold the lodge and now ski Bridger Bowl. Summit County is getting tooo crowded for my taste!

PM me if you want to get together and discussed. Gunstock will open on the 30th. Cannon will be open on the 23rd.

SIKSUKR 11-20-2018 02:44 PM

Actually, cannon really isnt that big compared to most "big" mountains. Just park at the Peabody area and you can see 2/3 of Cannon proper. You'll drive by the rest before you exit if you come from the south. The Zoomer trail pod has the early morning sun as it faces more east. This are the trails you see from the highway. I usually head there early. you really only use ski 3 areas when not using the tram, the summit, Zoomer, and the detach from Peabody. There is also the Mittersill area.

8gv 11-20-2018 07:35 PM

Just don't get hurt.

The good life is about to begin! :D

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