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fatlazyless 05-07-2022 07:17 AM

News flash, Sunday, May 22, 2022, 8-pm: Waterville Campground is now OPEN for overnight campers. I just drove past it, and the American Flag was up top the flag pole, and the big steel gate was open so I done drove in to check it out and ....... surprise, surprise ..... it is now OPEN five days earlier than the scheduled May 27 opening ..... so's how about that! And yes, the resident campground supervisor was there. Must be the hot weather or something that give it an early start-up!
............ ..... with 27-camp sites near the Mad River, a friendly resident campground supervisor, a happening local police dept., a picnic table, and campfire with steel grill ..... t'is a wee bit surprising Waterville Campground almost always has vacant camp sites, available at this totally super-duper $20-price/one car ..... such a steal of a deal!

The Town Square, a one mile, easy bicycle pedal away, has CLEAN men's and ladies' rooms, downstairs, complete with a sink with both hot & cold, town water and tall water faucets good for filling your canteen with that super-duper Waterville Valley town water! You know this WV town water is such incredibly good quality treated drinking water. No shower or bath tub at the campground; for that you need a hotel room, but there is the very nearby 7-acre clean clear flowing Corcoran's Pond with a large public, Town of WV, sandy beach, and a big mountain view to Mt Osceola from its' swim area.

For a lower priced, and very high quality hotel with an incredibly excellent complimentary breakfast, check into the nearby The Mad River is more or less, the boundary between civilization and the woods, here .... ha-ha-ha.

Waterville was the old name for what is now Waterville Valley, as of 1966 ..... so's it must be home to a lot of water ..... or, something!

This U.S.F.S. Waterville Campground has NO utility hook-ups for recreational vehicles and most campers sleep in their tent and tie a tarp above their picnic table on a rainy day. Is a good flat NH mountain place for exploring all around town and the woods roads on a bicycle or rent a paddle board/kayak on 7-acre, Corcoran's resort pond, 23-vessel rental fleet, assorted paddle/pedal boats & sups, or drive/explore your suv up to fish stocked Russell Pond, 10-miles north in Woodstock NH, over the rough pot-holed, Forest Service, Tripoli Rd beyond the steel road gate that gets opened in mid-May.

You know, according to an informative Forest Service carved wooden sign next to their huge hand-operated, water source pitcher pump, this Waterville Campground has been at this location since 1959, so it precedes the Town of Waterville Valley, incorporated in 1966. This campground beat out the town by seven years ....... so, how about that! ... ;)

And, before 1959 it was somewhere else, probably nearby(?), except it got flooded out and got relocated to its' present scenic spot along the Mad River.

And another thing, the NH 8.5% meals & rooms tax does not happen at this here Waterville Campground because it belongs to the U.S. Forest Service, 'Caring For the Land and Serving People' without the 8.5% NH tax, added. So, there is no 8.5% state tax, and no 15% WV resort fee, and you can swim at Corcoran's Pond, go fishing/wading in the nearby Mad River, pedal a bicycle over the luxurious paved town roads or down the 5-mile smooth dirt/gravel Livermore Rd in the WMNF, up the north end of town, or go hiking up the biggest mountain in WV, the 4340' Mt Osceola, which is actually in the ghost town of Livermore.

And, the campground has a friendly resident campground supervisor situated in Campsite #1. Friday, May 27, 2022 is the opening day for Waterville Campground which operates through mid-October, Columbus Day weekend.

18-miles south, down at Rt 93-Exit 26, Plymouth NH is the food campground stock-up PLACE to go with the big-3, a Walmart, a Market Basket, and a Hannafords'. Campfire wood is sold for a reasonable $4 price/bundle at Campsite #1 by the resident campground supervisor..

Pickleball ..... go talk ..... ..... to the Rec-Desk over at the elementary school gym.

Yoga ...... ..... with Helen ..... bond w/ the outdoors, summer-in-the-mountains, summer-time outdoor yoga!

bigdog 05-23-2022 12:38 PM

Camper rentals campgrounds ?
I'm looking to rent a camper for some weekends or maybe a week, I have no interest in buying one.

Years ago I rented a camper for a week and the campground provided this service. Does anyone know of campgrounds in NH or Maine that also rent campers ?

jasonr_nh 05-24-2022 09:03 AM

Camper Rental

SailinAway 06-02-2022 03:26 PM

All NFS campgrounds are half price for seniors, so actually $10. The Campton campground has noise from the road. Otherwise nice. Many or most NFS campgrounds in New Hampshire have dry toilets, and they can get vile in the summer, affecting all nearby sites. Covered Bridge, for example. Not that reassuring during a pandemic.

fatlazyless 06-09-2022 08:30 AM

..... no sink at the campground?
Hey there ...... here's the easy answer to dealing with no sink, no shower and a smelly composting toilet at this USFS $10/$20 Waterville Campground ...... .... starting at $114,945 (new) plus insurance and gasoline, and away you go, bring along your own sink and shower, plus air conditioning, heat, wifi, with four rubber tires on steel wheels ...... bring it on ..... yes! ..... :banana: ..... go camping in this very comfy and self-contained Winnebago Solis Pocket Camper that will easily fit into any one of the 27-campsites at! ... with NO rv hook-ups .... :D

For just a wee bit less, you can stay at the nearby, enjoy a yummy breakfast in their dining room with a big view out to Mt Osceola, and then go pedal your bicycle through the nearby Waterville Campground and dream about actually staying there for $20/night/single car, or for $10/night with a senior pass ..... as you pedal it back to a dry, clean htl rm at the Silver Fox.

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