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fatlazyless 04-16-2022 12:56 PM

Flightcraft Weirs Beach webcam?
Hey there ...... ...... looks like their Weirs boat gas dock cam is currently not working, or something. So, what's UP with the long, long, long in-place Flightcraft webcam that was formerly the Anchor Marine webcam, in the past?

Is it down for repairs or something, or permanently GONZO?

Hellooooooo .......... Flightcraft webcam ....... you are so very missing in action ..... what's up? Monday, March 21, 2:15-pm was your LAST cam shot according to the above link and today is April 16.

Did it have anything to do with all the negativity expressed in this forum on your very expensive Malibu wake boats making big waves that erode the Lake Winnipesaukee shoreline so you chose to take your 'football' and go home, or is it something else?

Tell us, please ..... inquiring minds want to know?

webmaster 04-17-2022 09:04 AM

I own and manage that CAM. I have been having trouble with the camera all winter and could tell it was failing. It kept losing its connection to Youtube and I had to keep reconnecting it and rebooting the camera, sometimes several times a day.

Fortunately I can manage my three webcams remotely. The pier is closed up tight all winter making any kind of on-site repairs there impossible. I cross my fingers every winter that no serious problems will occur. I've been pretty lucky for the last 23 years (the WeirsCAM has been running since 1999). I live 3 hours from the lake so remote access is very important to keep the cameras running.

Both the Flightcraft and WeirsCAM cameras are on the same network and have the same power source. The very old WeirsCAM has been working perfectly so I doubt that anything besides the camera itself is the problem.

A few weeks ago the camera finally died completely. I tried everything in my bag of tricks to get it going but nothing worked. It needs to be replaced and I have a plan, although it may take a while longer.

Here's the plan: You may have noticed that Anchor Marine Boat Rentals has closed for good and their webcam is offline. I also own that camera and it is identical to the Flightcraft camera. Anchor Marine will be moving out of its building soon and I will be coming up to retrieve the camera and some other equipment. After I get the camera I will swap it with the Flightcraft camera. I'm just waiting for a move-out date from Anchor Marine.

So we'll get it fixed this spring, I'm just not sure when at this point. I miss it too!

winniwannabe 05-21-2022 05:18 PM

I so hope that you've been able to work your webcam magic! Now that
the good weather is upon us, I love watching the near miss docking of
boats on some of the cameras. Plus I enjoy watching the boat traffic at
the Weirs and the Mount arriving and departing. Have a safe and happy
summer everyone!!:)

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