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Marine Patrol 10-15-2021 11:04 AM

Navigation Lights Removed
Navigational Aid Removal Underway:

While recreational boating seems to extend further into the season every year, mother nature remains unpredictable. Marine Patrol must consider a variety of circumstances including weather forecasts, staffing, lake draw- downs and ramp access when planning this large scale, statewide task. Marine Patrol maintains approximately 2700 aids to navigation across the state.

As a result, Marine Patrol has begun the process of removing navigation lights and regulatory signage from the state's waterways. It is anticipated that Lake Winnipesaukee will be completed by October 20th.

We would also like to remind those of you who use aqua-therms around your docks during the winter months of a state law. In addition to having to get a permit at your local town hall, it is illegal for anyone to create a condition which inhibits or prevents the natural freezing of water, or forming of ice, and thereby impedes either the ingress or egress to or from the ice from any property other than that of the owner of the device. The person or persons responsible for the placement of the device shall ensure that warning signs are posted to warn of its location. Said signs shall read DANGER, THIN ICE and shall be of sufficient size to be readable at a distance of not less than 150 feet, and shall be visible from all directions and shall be equipped with reflectors and color-coded in a pattern unique for this purpose only. If you have any questions, please contact Marine Patrol at 603-293-2037.

We wish everyone a safe "hard water" season!

Safe Boating!!

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