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Heaven 06-25-2022 09:28 PM

Bears Bears everywhere
Two decades ago I don't recall ever seeing a bear, now I see one, , , or two or more, just about everywhere.

TheTimeTraveler 06-25-2022 09:57 PM

I saw the same bear twice today. At least I think it was the same bear.

Seeing a bear two times in one day is likely just about unheard of......

thinkxingu 06-26-2022 05:40 AM

Here's a screenshot from a video my friend took last week at the Castle in the Clouds property. That's me in the shot with Yogi up ahead. I've encountered plenty of bears hiking, but this one was a bit too comfortable with us for me—usually, they gallop off into the woods when I tap my walking sticks together, but she just sauntered along for a bit before turning off behind a tree. Since she only went a few feet off trail, we assumed there was a cub nearby and just moved along.

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Rockslider 07-03-2022 12:13 AM

We have had several bear sightings in my neighborhood in the past few weeks. Last Thursday I did the Shannon Brook Trail at Castle in the Clouds and kept my eyes peeled for wildlife -- but saw only chipmunks. But when I got home around 4:00 PM, parked in my driveway, and walked around the back of my car, I surprised a small bear sitting at the edge of the woods about fifteen feet away. Fortunately he appeared to be more scared than I was and ran off...

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