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jetskier 06-20-2022 07:42 PM

Kitchen Cravings?
Hi all,

We decided to go out for breakfast last Saturday; perhaps, not the wisest move during bike week. :D

Anyhow, we were disappointed to see that Kitchen Cravings in Gilford is still closed. Does anyone know what it going on?


Bigstan 06-29-2022 12:58 PM

Both the local and FB rumor mill says gone for good.

Not surprising as the new owners took a good thing and drove it right off a cliff.

It was just OK right after they took over, but got progressively worse and at the end it wasn't worth the attempt. Certainly nowhere near the greatness it was with the original owners.

8gv 06-29-2022 08:05 PM

While I cannot comment on this specific situation I can see how a change of ownership can go bad.

The couple that invests most of their time in being there and actually working the business daily, for years, can make something work when their successors struggle.

I call it "buying a job".

New owners often carry a note to fund the venture.

New owners typically are not as savvy as the old owners, at least in regards to the specifics of the venture.

Suddenly it is discovered that the venture only works well enough to cover the note and other expenses if both owners are their daily working their tails off.

Then there is the help...

It is very hard to change ownership without losing some employees.

Finding replacements in this labor market is very difficult, unless you pay extra.

So now you have a new owner husband and wife team working ALL THE TIME, paying the help more, barely covering the bills and with little to put into their own pockets.

At some point it is discovered that putting forth that much effort in the employ of someone else's business pays better than being a business owner.

Again, I know nothing of what happened with this place but my comments above should serve as a warning to those who might be tempted to take on this type of business. :eek:

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