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bigdog 06-19-2022 04:42 PM

Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Septic Systems
I know this is an unusual topic, but looking for suggestions for 'Toilet Bowl Cleaners', that is safe to use, that will not harm septic tank systems.

Most T.B. cleaners have bleach, and this wouldn't be good for septic tanks, as the bleach will kill bacteria, which the septic system needs, to do it's thing.

Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks !

TheTimeTraveler 06-19-2022 05:11 PM

Try using liquid dish cleaners using hot water (Ivory, Joy, etc.).

Sue Doe-Nym 06-19-2022 08:21 PM

Don’t laugh….this works….mixture of Dawn liquid, white vinegar and plain water in spray bottle.

Descant 06-19-2022 09:15 PM

No bleach? Makes sense, but my septic/leach field is 47 years old. We use bleach in the clothes washer. That's about it. So, IMHO, small amounts of bleach relative to total water flow probably don't matter. You can buy various products that purport to stimulate the bacteria activity.
Part of the operation of the septic system relates to how big the settling tank is, and how much water flows through it. If you do lots of laundry, showers, dishes and toilet use all first thing in the morning, the water, and bacteria, don't spend enough time interacting. Don't do half loads in the washing machines, do other water activities throughout the day, etc. If you have old five gallon toilets, convert to newer, 2 gallon and other water conservation techniques. And yes, go light on the bleach.

SAB1 06-21-2022 05:25 AM

My guess is he asking about the cleaners that go in the back of tank and the chemicals clean with every flush .

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