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garysanfran 05-06-2022 04:41 PM

1962 Triumph TR3 mechanic...
Can anyone recommend a mechanic in this part of the world who can work on these cars?

Thanks ...

fatlazyless 05-07-2022 06:47 AM is the world headquarters for the 1962 Triumph TR3.

The Real BigGuy 05-07-2022 08:17 AM

Sorry, can’t help you out but I love TRs. Had a TR6 until first child was born. Was lucky enough to find a mechanic who learned his craft growing up in his dad’s TR dealership in Canada. He was a wiz at syncing the carbs. I used to drop it off to him and he’d ask what I needed done. My response was “whatever you think it needs.” He led the brakes one time and forgot to tell me to pump the peddle a couple of times before I backed out of his bay. I almost T-boned a truck in the parking lot.

I wish you luck in your search. Are you driving it from Cali?

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Diver1111 05-07-2022 08:32 AM

Barlow Vintage
This is def. a guy you want to talk to.He has worked on my 69 Triumph Trophy 650 MC but does MGs etc..

Steve Barlow

Barlow Vintage-Wolfboro

garysanfran 05-07-2022 08:52 AM

Nope...Haven't acquired one yet. Seriously thinking of it and I have been searching for quite some time... Would I drive it from CA if I found one there? Probably not. It's a long drive, even with a V8 and A/C.

In college, I had a roommate who had one. He was a typical student with no money so he maintained the car (or didn't) himself. One night he let me borrow it for a date I had. We took an exit off Storrow Drive and my date and I watched as a tire went flying by the passenger's side, hit the sidewalk and flew about 20' into the air.

As I was beginning to say "Wow! Someone lost a wheel". The car slammed to the pavement while dragging it's tireless right-rear axle.

Nearby, right there on a sidewalk, I found a glass, vertical enclosure that had a phone in it you could make a phone call by depositing a few coins. I called my roommate and told him where he could find his car.

Thanks all...

BroadHopper 05-08-2022 07:01 AM

List of British garages

Check these out.

Are you looking at the 'TR goddamn 3' that been in the GermanMotorsport shop for months? Nice machine!

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