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TiltonBB 01-04-2021 10:59 PM

The passing of Jack Irwin
Jack Irwin, well known local businessman, passed away at his home New Years Day. He was an important part of shaping Laconia for many years.

From the Laconia Sun:

Descant 01-05-2021 01:51 AM

Words are hard to come by. I knew Jack (and Jim Jr and Sr) for decades, as an employee, professionally and socially. Top-notch guy and he spread those qualities to everybody around him.
RIP, Jack.

jeffk 01-05-2021 07:42 AM

I met Jack in 1994. I had bought a house in Moultonborough in 1993 and the following year decided a house on the water deserved a boat; the first I had ever owned. I went to Irwin's Marine because I had read up on SeaRay (and a lot of other brands) and that's what I wanted. I quickly came to a deal but insisted that when I picked up the boat at the marina I would need someone from Irwin to give me a training/shakedown/delivery first cruise.

Jack Irwin was the guy who did it. He taught me how the boat worked, how to drive it, how to dock, the path across the lake from from Irwin's Marine to Moultonborough. He told me I "could" go through the Graveyard but it was easier to go around Melvin Island. He showed me how to tie up the boat without using a knot, and I still do it that way. He was friendly and calming for my first cruise as a new captain, a real nice guy.

The funny thing is, at the time I knew he was an Irwin but had no idea that he was the senior owner and he gave me no clue.

RIP Jack.

BroadHopper 01-05-2021 08:26 AM

Friend of the family
My dad knew Jack since the '40s. He bought boats from Jack since then. The old wooden Chris Crafts, I will never forget! Both families spent weekends in the '50s at Long Island public beach, waterskiing with others from around the lake.

To me Jack Irwin, Vinnie Callahan, and Capt. John Goodhue are the main characters of Lake Winnipesaukee.

May he rest in peace.

tis 01-05-2021 08:31 AM

I am very sorry to hear this. He was a nice guy and this is the end of an

BoatHouse 01-05-2021 09:54 AM

I wish I could have met Jack. Such a great family story. He is a great example of hard work, love of country and being kind to the people around him. the foundation of a good life. RIP

sum-r breeze 01-06-2021 10:16 AM

A Lakes Region Legend goes home to heaven
I want to offer my condolences to the entire Irwin Family on the loss of Jack Irwin of Irwin Marine. The Laconia Daily Sun reports of his passing over the New Years Weekend. He was always a gentleman and always had a positive comment and a smile when you met him. I can't think of one other family who has done more to shape the Lake Winnipesaukee area and the Boating business in particular than the Irwins. My personal boating and business dealings with the Irwins have been nothing short of amazing. Jack instilled that family feeling into his staff so that you never feel like just a customer with them. He made sure they knew that boating is a people business and it's the personal relationships that are most important. RIP Jack, your dad would be proud of the great job you did and you will be missed.

The Breeze
aka Walter Santoro
Captain of the Summer Breeze

Old Sarge 01-07-2021 10:32 PM

I met Jack a few times at the dealership, a very nice man, RIP Jack. My condolences to Bill and the family.

TiltonBB 04-16-2021 06:34 AM

I am sure if you call Irwin Marine they will tell you about any plans that have been made: 603-287-1929

MotorHead 04-16-2021 08:13 AM

Wait a min, this guy has been gone since Jan and have not been buried yet?

TiltonBB 04-16-2021 09:54 AM

During the Covid era a lot of people who died were buried or creamated. Many families have waited for a reduction in the Covid threat to have memorial services.

BroadHopper 04-18-2021 07:05 AM

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Information on Jack 'John' Irwin celebration.

trackeer 04-19-2021 07:07 PM

Sad to hear this,
Matter fact a long time boater friend who was part of a group of slip renters inside Irwin's building just dropped me the note, not sure how this one got past us, from January?
Jack was a great guy, we would see him at the Lakeside Diner at Breakfast and we'd always stop and chat and he was always at the Marina.
Thanks for Posting and shame on our crew missing this somehow.
RIP Jack

LoveLakeLife 04-20-2021 05:10 AM

Trackeer, where is the Lakeside Diner?

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BroadHopper 04-20-2021 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by LoveLakeLife (Post 353940)
Trackeer, where is the Lakeside Diner?
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I believe he is referring to the Lakeside Diner across from Golford Walmart.
He was also frequently seen at the old Sunset Cafe with his son John Jr.

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