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TomC 10-23-2019 05:42 PM

lost: Bow cover in Moultonboro
This is a total longshot, but Saturday morning (10/19) I hauled my boat out at the Lee's Mill ramp then towed it west on Rt 25 to my place off of Shaker Jerry Road. The bow cover was not there when I got home. It is a green Sunbrella material that fits a bowrider. Its approximately 6' x 6' in size. If anyone sees anything like that along the route I describe I would appreciate a 'heads-up'. I would suspect it flew off somewhere just west of the Middle School since that is where the speed limit increased to 45 mph. I did check with both the M'boro Police and Highway dept... no dice.

thanks for reading!

upthesaukee 10-23-2019 06:26 PM

Don't concentrate on higher speed
Don't concentrate on higher speeds. I pulled my boat at Downing's Landing in Alton Bay and headed west on rte 11. Right after passing the bridge where the speed limit goes from 30 to 35, the bow cover flew off. I'm guessing I was probably was doing around 25, no more than 30. Some nice person put it on the front wall in front of a house. Check the whole route carefully. One of my neighbors spotted it and told me. He knew it was missing.

Good luck


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