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Slickcraft 07-31-2019 08:24 AM

Water Industries in Alton
On Welch we have a 1970 vintage pump up septic system. The small fiberglass pump chamber has a cast iron cover, at the ground surface, which is rotting away. So, I took the faded 49 year old Barnes spec sheet down to Water Industries looking for a similar size pump chamber. I started off saying that Iím sure that they donít make anything like this anymore. Oh, but they do I was told, same size but a plastic tank. And they make the same size and configuration cover in plastic, come with me to the back room. Sure enough I walked out with a new plastic cover which included fasteners and seal material for $49. No need for a whole new chamber and I can do it myself.

Four years ago, I needed to replace the septic pump and Water Industries had what I needed in stock. Anything having to do with water systems; that is the place to go.

I had been trying to get someone to replace the pump chamber for more than a year. One local contractor that does septic installation had a small excavator doing work at our Island neighbors camp. He came over to look and said sure he could change it out in about 2 days from then. When we got back to the island that evening his equipment and barge were gone and he did not return any calls.

This year, in conjunction with another neighbor, the septic tank was pumped. Starting in May the contractor said that they would look at the pump chamber. When I got the bill for the pumping there was a note that they would be back to deal with the pump chamber. Shortly after my payment check cleared, I got to sorry we canít do that this year email.

I then talked to Chip at ISS who said that if we could find a similar size pump chamber, he could have two strong young guys dig the old out by hand. He suggested Water Industries so that led to my successful visit.

camp guy 07-31-2019 10:08 AM

Water Industries in Alton
This is just the kind of post I like to see on this site - helpful, complete, and concise. Thank you, Slickcraft, nice job.

I know people like to discuss a wide variety of topics, and express their own widely-divergent opinions, and I get it, and this is fine, but when a post such as this comes along it is appreciated by all.

Enjoy the summer.

tis 07-31-2019 03:47 PM

Isn't it nice when the next generation continues the success of the business? At least I assume Mike still owns it. I haven't heard differently.

SAMIAM 08-03-2019 06:10 AM

Same great service at American Water Systems in Moultonborough. Not a septic issue but lost my well pump at the Red Hill Dari and they had us back open in 4 hours. Very prompt service and reasonable prices.

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