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Winni979 08-07-2021 05:07 PM

Basic Whipping
Hi, totally new to whips, found 100 videos on securing boat to whips but none yet that show you how to actually get on the boat. So how to you board a boat with whips? Do you pull down on the whip (does that bring boat closer?) and board near the whip or? Thanks!

Also what size would you get for 3800lb 23 footer?

When docking it's pull into dock, secure cleats, then whips, then how do you get close to dock to get off if whips push you away?


Jdarby 08-07-2021 05:42 PM

This might help!

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DickR 08-07-2021 06:35 PM

My boat is smaller (17'), so I have just 8' whips. I tie the dock ropes on the cleats so as to have the side of the stern one large step from the dock. Then I adjust the ropes from the whips for enough tension to keep the boat off the dock as waves roll in. The ropes get adjusted now and then as lake level drops. When I go out, I slip the dock ropes off the cleats; I have other ropes on board in case I want to dock elsewhere. On return, the dock ropes slip back on the cleats first, then the whip ropes. That way the boat/dock clearance stays the same.

When boarding the boat while the whip ropes are in place, and assuming the place on the boat (eg. aft platform) is that one large step away, commit to boarding in one smooth motion. Do not put one foot onto the boat and leave the other on the dock for any length of time. Ask one of our extended family members what might happen!

RUGMAN 05-30-2022 01:19 PM

we pull on spring line( dock line to get boat close to get off we have a tritoon

FlyingScot 05-30-2022 03:17 PM

Just pull the boat close to the dock with one of the dock lines, step in and then unfasten the whip lines, and then help your passengers in normally. The whip lines do not have much resistance

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