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Trail Goer 01-13-2019 11:48 PM

Harley Jacks
Today my wife and I tried Harley Jacks in Ossipee (former Sunny Villa restaurant) and I wasn't impressed. I ordered a French Onion Soup for an appetizer and the Burbon Turkey Tips for dinner. The cheese on my soup was burnt to a crisp and the bread they use in the French Onion turns slimy, which forced me to eat around it. My main dishes came out over cooked, turkey tips were dry, vegetables were burnt and the mashed potatoes clearly had been sitting in a medal tin over hot water all day long, developing a crust and made the side dish a pasty like texture. I give them and F for food, B for atmosphere and a B for service. My wife and I are firm believers that restaurants can absolutely have bad days and think all restaurants deserve a second chance, so will go back again but it won't be any time soon. Has anyone else eaten there and had a better experience?
BTW, what happened to Sunny Villa? I know it's been a while since they closed and unfortunately, I never ate there. Looking at all the old pictures though, you can tell it was quite popular, I'm sure the view of the mountains to the east, helped a lot with that.

SAB1 01-14-2019 12:25 PM

Agree with your thoughts. Tried it twice. Sunny Villa was better.

Flotnjr 01-16-2019 08:53 PM

I have been there for take out- never dined in. Food is usually pretty good- always giving a little credit for it making it the ride home and then some. Fun fact- they changed their name to Harley Jacks from Sunny Villa due to trying to revamp their reputation. Same ownership- new menu. Always seems to be pleasant people. If I was the OP- give it another chance!

mcdude 01-17-2019 07:50 AM


Snowmobile racing on Sundays!

Billy Bob 01-17-2019 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by mcdude (Post 306476)

Snowmobile racing on Sundays!

The pictures of food on the menu donít look very good.
Need a retake

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