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tomcpt59 07-13-2018 09:58 AM

Authentic Mexican food at El Centennario
Having lived in California for many years, I feel I can comment on authentic Mexican food! El Centenario in Wolfeboro is the best we've had in a long time. The mole is tremendous, just the right blend of heat and sweet; the drinks are great, too.

Rich 07-16-2018 06:04 AM

We love this place!

The food is great! It always seems fresh and we'll prepared.

It's a short walk from the docks, so it's easier to go by boat than by car for us.

The owner is authentic and very nice also!

BroadHopper 07-17-2018 07:07 AM

Love the way they make and prepare the guacamole right at your table!

Very busy so prepare to get there early!

Up the street is a fantastic brew pub! Lone Wolf.

Love craft beer? Come to the Moody Brew Fest at the Town Docks Friday between 5-7p. My nephew created the Moody Brew at home and Woodstock Brewery are making it in quantities. Come sample the brew and other brews from Woodstock Brewery. Limited amount of glassware will be giving away. A chance for an evening at the Woodstock B&B will be raffled.

VitaBene 07-17-2018 08:18 AM

Plus 2
Great spot, love their food. The same owners also have El Mariachi in Moultonborough and El Charro in Lincoln NH.

KPW 07-17-2018 08:21 AM

In addition to Lone Wolf, there is a great microbrewery - Burnt Timbers, just down the street on Lerner.

Mr. V 07-17-2018 07:02 PM

How does in compare to the restaurant in Belmont, El Jimador?

jazzman 07-18-2018 01:32 PM

I love their food too. I just wish they had a lunch menu. It is very easy to drop $100 for lunch for 2 there if you have a couple drinks and quac.

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