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gilford232 01-09-2019 02:07 PM

Snowmobile Trailer Rentals
Hi - Is anyone aware of a place that does snowmobile trailer rentals. Preferably in the Lakes Region.


fatlazyless 01-10-2019 11:20 AM

TAV Electronics, close to Rt 93-Exit 26, and directly across from the Plymouth Police Station, on Route 3, has U-Haul rental trailers.

About two months ago, when I was there, they had two flat, open aluminum trailers with low side rails, both probably good for a sno-mo, and the larger trailer maybe good for two sno-mos. The smaller of the two flat trailer rentals has a holder slot for the front wheel of a motorcycle, and would probably be good for a single sno-mo, and it cost $15/day plus optional insurance on the trailer itself. It has a long, fold down, rear gate, for rolling it up and in.

They have maybe 6-8 different U-Haul trailers and moving vans there, on their lot there ...... at

Interesting business with two very nice, helpful people, husband and wife; a technology repair biz first, and U-Haul found them what with their Exit 26 location and large lot ...... was once part of a lumber yard years ago. Check out their high level of technology repair .... and rent a moving van or trailer & buy cardboard moving boxes .... a two-business business!

ps .... Your trailer lights hook-up and trailer ball hitch must pass inspection, to rent a trailer.

Drove past TAV Electronics today which is close to the police station, and that must be a happening U-Haul spot becuz they got lots and lots of U-Haul items all over the place ….. trailers, vans, more trailers, more vans, more trailers and more vans …… and even what looked like a Ford F250 pick-up with an open bed, all done up U-Haul ….. ain't never seen a that there pick-up like that in U-Haul before …. who knew!

Maybe TAV should start selling U-Haul brand hot dogs in-a-hot-toasted-bun with U-Haul coffee in U-Haul coffee cups since the nearby McDonalds that used to be there done got demolished. What the heck …… a dollar is a dollar ……. and U-Haul donuts, too, ……. you don't really eat them ….. you just rent them! ……. budda-bing! ...... U-Haul donuts ..... what a concept! ... :eek: ... at TAV Electronics in Plymouth, Route 93-Exit 26

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