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DickR 01-09-2019 11:26 AM

Login wanted always now?
Most of the time, I get on the forum just to browse new posts, without logging on. I've always been able to hit the End key to go to the end of a long thread, then PgUp to look at last posts on the thread. Lately I noticed that End, PgUp/PgDn, and up/down arrow keys did nothing, although Home worked as expected. The mouse scroll wheel moved the page up and down normally. I did not see this new behavior on other sites.

Today I discovered by accident that all the keys work as expected if I am logged in. Looking into that, I noticed that when I first bring up the site the cursor is pre-positioned in the login area, with my ID and pw preloaded. If I log in, or simply click the mouse outside the login area, then all keys work normally. Has there been some recent change in the forum site platform that now pre-positions the cursor in the login area?

Edit: looking further, I note that the Home, End, and horizontal arrow keys do work prior to logging in or just clicking outside the login area. It's just that while the cursor is withing the login area, those keys control movement of the cursor within the userid or password field where the cursor is positioned. Further to that, I see that every time I switch between subforums, the cursor again is positioned within the login area, unless I am logged in already.

While the software techs might think it is helpful for some to pre-position the cursor in the login area, it is a nuisance for others who just browse the forum each session, leaving login for occasions when needing to post something. Should this be put back the way it was? [see next edit, below]

2nd edit: I think this is a Firefox issue. It saves login information when allowed to, then, on the next visit to the site, preloads that info when the site's page provides a place for it. I see that there is a small icon next to each of the id & pw fields, which, when clicked, gives the option to skip having the fields preloaded & cursor placed at the end of the id field (Enable autofill). On unchecking that box, behavior is what I want for the site.

TiltonBB 01-09-2019 01:29 PM

I have not noticed any change. I always use the same laptop. I am not exactly sure of your issue but here is what I do.

My browser signs me in every time I go to the website so I just click on the icon and I am in.

I then click on Forums, new posts, and view first unread. That way it goes right to the posts I have not seen yet. It is really simple.

You may need to be signed in so that the site knows which posts you have not read.

I hope that helps.

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